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Connecting the dots. Bridging the Gap Between Vision and Execution ‍ Tam Danier is a managing director at Good Ideas Only (GIO), blending her multifaceted background to drive product strategy and design. With an MBA degree and certifications in design thinking and AI/ML, Tam draws from her over 15 years of experience across startups, global enterprises, and agencies. She leverages her business acumen and passion for human-centered design to bridge the gap between customers, business stakeholders, and engineers.

Applying game theory and discovery frameworks uniquely crafted at GIO, Tam imagines strategizes and delivers groundbreaking products. Her specialty is advising executives and entrepreneurs on how to transform their businesses by harnessing the power of AI. Tam is most energized when collaborating across disciplines to create market-defining innovations that solve real-world problems. She has lent her strategic mindset and design eye to esteemed companies such as Apple, Twitter, General Assembly, Anthem, T-Mobile, and Deloitte earlier in her career to shape what she offers today with GIO.

Known For Design Thinking, Systems Thinking, JTBD, Lean methodology, and Agile delivery. AI/ML


Artificial Intelligence Use Cases

Develop product strategy use cases to leverage the power of AI

Partner with clients to identify how AI can enhance existing products and services or enable entirely new offerings

Discover strategic opportunities for AI innovation

Product Strategy

Lead end-to-end product strategy, From discovery to design to delivery

Leverage design thinking, lean startup, and agile methodologies

Help clients imagine, prototype, and launch new AI-driven products



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